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Why Women

"My mom was a wonderful person and a fabulous role model for me. After raising her four kids, she returned to work as a bank teller at a regional bank. After years of taking bank classes and earning an associate's degree, she worked her way up to chief investment officer and board secretary. She was a community leader, BPW President and named women of the year by BPW.

"She was so busy taking care of everyone else, she neglected to take care of herself. Diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer at age 57, she battled bravely but ultimately passed away at age 59 in 1999.

"Invested in high flying technology stocks, her portfolio lost 60 percent of its value shortly after her passing. And her estate was in such disarray, we are still trying to settle it after my dad's passing in 2010. She would never have wanted to leave a mess for her family, but like so many women, she was so busy with her life, that she failed to plan appropriately. I guess she thought there would always be more time...

"My mom was not that unlike many of the women I work with. They are accomplished, successful and smart. But many women fail to make their finances a priority because they are so busy taking care of business, their families, and serving their communities. I believe women need an advisor who will help them to make sure that their money aligns with their personal goals and aspirations, and who will educate them and guide them so that they can continue to live the lives they love."

Kim Kramer

—Kim Kramer, President


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